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180 The deck and rider rotate 180 (half way).
360 The deck and rider rotate 360 (all the way around).
Air walk face your body to one side, scissor kick your legs out then back. to give the illusion of walking in air.  If you have big air do it more than once.
air chair when in the air, sit on the deck.
around the world While standing on the brake, spin the scooter around your body.
Axle stall Slightly more complicated than lip stall but still effective. ride up to a step or a curb and jump on to the curb but this time turn 90 degrees in the air and when you land on the curb the deck will be half on the curb half hovering above the ground. Balance for a bit and then jump off and spin 90 degrees to ride off. you can link this into other moves like no footer.
backflip backwards somersault.
backside board slide turn your back towards the rail and grind with the middle of the deck.
bar spin Rotate the handlebar around its own axis.
bar twist spin the handlebars one rotation while gripping them with one hand.
bar grab bend down and grab the Steering bar as close to the wheel as you can.
benihana take your back foot off and grab the back of the deck.
bert slide Brake.  Spin the scooter around, Make sure the front wheel does not leave the ground.
board slide Land on the rail and grind with the middle of the deck.
boneless one foot pushes off the ground to spin the scooter into the air.
briflip rotate the scooter around its vertical axis. The handlebar is the center of the rotation – both hands remain on the handlebar.
bronco wheelie, Bunny hop in the air while the front wheel’s up.
broytap Do a 180.  Land on the nose. Do not let the back wheel hit the ground here.  Do a 180 out.
bunny hop jump with both feet remaining on the deck.
can can bring your foot Around the front of the handle bars lift your first hand to let it under then the second and the place your foot back on the deck.
condor air grab the front wheel with both hands.
decade Put your hands close together on the handlebars.  Jump in a 360 around the handlebars.
disaster ride up to a step or a curb and jump on to the curb but this time turn 180 degrees in the air and when you land on the curb the deck will be half on the curb half hovering above the ground. Balance for a bit and then jump off.
eagle  Let go of the handlebars. Hold for 5 seconds.  Put hands back onto handles
feeble Land on the rail at an angle with your font wheel riding the ledge.  Make sure your wheel is facing forward.  Slide to end.
finger whip A tail whip where the deck is being moved with the fingers.
flair backflip that is combined with a 180° while jumping out of a quarter pipe.
foot jam wedge your front foot between the fork and deck to balance on the front wheel.
foot plant jump and brace yourself with one leg on the ramp. The other foot remains on the deck.
front scooter flip deck is turned backwards so that it makes a loop. One hand is taken off the handlebar.
front to back Do a nose manual.  Tail whip into a wheelie.  Bunny hop out of the wheelie.
front flip A forward somersault.
full whip a tail whip and a bar spin at the same time.
grind jump on an object, the scooter should be at a diagonal angle to the edge, hold the grind as long as you want. Be careful not to put your foot on the ground.
heel whip deck is rotated one full spin in the opposite direction of a tail whip.
hurricane grinds in a board slide and turns the deck in reverse.
Indy jump in the air and grab the under part of the deck return your hands to the bar and land.
laydown Lean left or right.  Push handle bars the opposite way in which you are leaning.  Bend your knees to lay the scooter down as far as you can go.
lip slide bring the back wheel of the scooter over the rail to enter the grind.
lip stall Approach an object that has an edge and Ollie high on to it. After a few seconds do a 180 Ollie off. don't let the front or back wheel touch.
manual only ride on the back wheel.
no footer A jump where the feet do not touch the deck.
no hander The hands are taken off the handlebar during the jump.
no foot can can move both legs to one side of the scooter during the jump
nollie When you jump push the handles down so the back wheel is higher than the front.
nose blunt turn 180 degrees over the curb and land with the curb between the front wheel and deck.
nothing Both hands and feet are taken off the scooter during the jump.
Ollie Place your feet firmly on the deck, then pull the handle bars up followed by your feet, bring your feet up to your chest, land smoothly
one foot manual/hang 5 manual A manual with only one foot on the back of the deck.
one footer jump with only one foot on the deck.
rotor whip do a tail whip in one direction and a bar spin in the other at the same time.
scooter fakie kick the deck 180 degrees and land with the deck in reverse.
scooter stand Put both of your feet on the scooter so that they are in a right angle with the handle bars.  Take both of your hands off. Balance for as long as you can.
smith back wheel rides along the top of the grind surface.
superman While mid-jump, take your feet off of the scooter and extend your arms in front of you forming a straight line.
superman grab do a tail grab during A Superman.
table top push The deck outward with your foot during a jump so that the scooter is at a 90° angle to the body.
tail grab grab the back of the deck with your hand during a jump.
tail whip rotate the deck around its own axis.
X=up turn your bars 180 degrees and cross your arms.